Untitled (Slope)

10 Tip Buda eiland, Reepkaai indoor

always open

Material: Grass, wood, scaffolding

At the Reepkaai in Kortrijk, Pivi created a grass slope. Its basic structure is made out of scaffolding. The scaffolding is laid with grass sod in order to create the appearance of a grassy hill. The visitor is encouraged to take a leap of faith and roll down from the slope. The slope’s angle was deliberately calculated to make you feel dizzy and euphoric. Pivi’s works often underscore our physical and cognitive experiences. With Untitled (slope), she creates an installation that brings us back to childhood memories of rolling down a grass slope, of bringing home another heap of dirty laundry with the resulting green grass stains and showing off our scratched knees and elbows. It is an experience that is marked both by a sense of childlike wonder, as well as a sense of precariousness. This experience encourages us to reflect on the emotions it induces and to reflect on our relation to the world. It reminds us of a time in which we weren’t afraid to take a risk, roll down in the dirt and disregard our scratches and bruises.


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