I am prepared for you

15 Academie Kortrijk, Houtmarkt indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

For I am prepared for you, Markus Sixay spread out 150 kilograms of confetti across the floor, the equivalent of the weight of the artist when he first created the installation in 2003. The title seems to suggest a vague sense of threat, as if the artist was preparing himself to be trampled by the public. It implies that every visitor will carry out his own performative act, crushing and stirring the small pieces of paper, inspired by their memories of carnivals and parties. Through these performative acts, the work is in a constant state of flux. I am prepared for you brings to mind the candy installations of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Sixay appears to explore the theme of transubstantiation in our modern consumer society, a society that produces TV series like You are what you eat and seems to suggest that our physiological bodies have become interchangeable with the products we consume. Even though the work appears to exude a sense of happy-go-lucky, at a second glance, it embodies a subtle melancholy and complexity.

About the artist

Markus Sixay

1974 Germany

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