The Sleep of Reasons Produces Monsters

15 Academie Kortrijk, Houtmarkt indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

Material: Wallpaper

The wallpaper Pierre Bismuth confronts us with appears to be the fruit of an art critic whose brain has been affected by some strange dreams. We immediately recognize the famous artist names that are reproduced immediately: Beuys, Duchamp,

Warhol … Strangely enough, in this confusing list it’s not Andy himself who is mentioned, but his brother. The wallpaper leaves us wondering: “Who the hell is Joseph Nauman? Bruce’s uncle? Or are we witnessing the result of the work of a typesetter with a burnout?” The wallpaper is like a mixed-up puzzle we have to decode and trying to make sense of its weird combinations leaves us with a smile.

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