Teram Garden

12 Boerenhol, Boerenhol indoor

always open

Material: Engraved stones, wood

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Teram*. She lived in a big town and felt unhappy, because in her opinion everything in the town looked overdesigned. There were too many urban planners, too many architects and too many trendy restaurants. She spent her days feeling angry and spiritless, because she yearned for a different environment. Until one day, when she discovered that some workers with a crane had left all kinds of construction materials in the corner of the garden in front of her house. She went out to discover the site and felt incredibly happy between all these stones and pieces of wood. Teram started jumping joyfully from stone to stone and spent more and more time there. She converted the place into her own private playground.


*The title of the work refers to Eram, a Persian historical garden that was constructed in the 11th century. The name of this historical garden means ‘heaven’ and the idea behind it was to create an earthly paradise.

The artist would like to thank Bernard Pauwels, the city of Kortrijk, Erich Weiss, Lara Almarcegui, Lee Duk Hee, Daphne Keramidas, B&B Germana Tack, Leni Vergote and team PLAY.

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