Organisation of Love

15 Academie Kortrijk, Houtmarkt indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

Material: One Minute Sculpture

Organisation of Love, Hold your breath and think of Spinoza, The Half Truth and Untitled (tennis balls) are part of the One Minute Sculptures series. In this series the visitor is confronted with instructions that show which pose they should assume, using a number of different objects that are presented on a pedestal.

As the name suggests, the participants are to hold the pose for one whole minute. The visitors are thus turned into sculptural elements. Wurm questions the temporal aspect of the sculpture, which in its classical sense is a static and eternal object. When does an action become a spatial element and when does the sculptural aspect become so strong that we should read the action as a sculpture?

The instructions that are given to the visitor are no suggestions. You cannot follow the instructions partially or follow them as you like. In this game there is no margin for play.

The uncompromising attitude Wurm assumes should not be seen as an attempt to censor us, but can be interpreted as a challenging prompt for a dialogue.

About the artist

Erwin Wurm

1954 Austria

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