Les Bikes de Bois Rond

14 Kortrijk 1302, Begijnhofpark indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

Material: "Metal bike frame adapted with wooden beads using colours from Andre Cadere's 'Barres De Bois Rond' +/- 110 x 90 cms"

For the work presented at PLAY Kortrijk he pays tribute to the conceptual artist André Cadere, who was famous for appearing in museums and art galleries (sometimes as an invited guest but mostly spontaneously) transporting a kind of staff or stick, composed of coloured elements (‘Barres Du Bois Rond’). Often, the artist abandoned his artwork in the institutions or spaces he visited without warning the staff that worked there. This ‘punk’ attitude, comparable to the philosophy of the Situationist movement, fascinated Gavin Turk and inspired him to create his mobile and nomadic artworks.  What better choice for this, than an ordinary bike? A bicycle is a democratic, ecological and healthy means of transport. Aside from being a tribute to André Cadere, the work also references Duchamp’s famous ‘bicycle wheel’ and the leather saddle is a reference to the trendy Italian designer Castiglioni. Playfully combining the bicycle with art historical references produces a kind of newborn ready-made. It fits the exhibition in Kortrijk in every way: it’s meant for everybody, all ages and genders. Riding this bike through the streets of Kortrijk’s city centre will become a real interactive artistic adventure! The riders create art performances and simultaneously become artworks.

About the artist

Gavin Turk

1967 United Kingdom

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