"I" Heavy Bags

5 Budafabriek, Dam indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

Material: Installation, boxing ball

Stefan Brüggemann (°1975, Mexico City) develops a conceptual approach to the artistic process, whose inner workings he explores critically with an often provocative and ironic attitude with respect to contemporary society. He works with a wide range of media, creating large installations, neon works, paintings and photographs.

Brüggemann’s work is a unique combination of theoretical concepts (mainly grounded in Post-structuralism and Deconstructionism) and pop imagery, inspired nihilism (anti-conformism, provocation and cynicism), and often expressed through tautological premises, not only in isolation but also in relation to the context in which they are conceived and inserted.

Brüggemann’s main strategy is to insert a certain pop sensibility into conceptual practices.

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