Dynamo Kyiv

15 Academie Kortrijk, Houtmarkt indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

In the famous stadium of Dynamo Kiev, a chalk line drawing was created, integrating the existing field markings. The project was realized on the occasion of the first − and perhaps only − art exhibition inside this stadium. The weird forms that are created in this surrealist intervention make it difficult to imagine that the field could be used for a real football match. When we imagine the strange choreographies the players would execute to play a normal game, all the existing rules of the game seem twisted. To a referee, a game like this would no doubt be an authentic nightmare. If the players would replace the ball with Fabrice Hyber’s Square Ball − another hybrid object that is part of the exhibition PLAY Kortrijk − it would certainly result in an exciting and challenging match.

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