Das Zimmer (The Room)

5 Budafabriek, Dam indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

In Das Zimmer (The Room) Rist has used video sculpture as a way to re-imagine domestic space. In the installation an oversized couch and armchair, made of red vinyl, are arranged in the centre of the room. The viewer is invited to enter the room with its through-the-looking-glass quality and to sit in the oversized furniture and use the enormous remote control to channel-hop through a compilation of the artist’s video works, shown on the television monitor. Rist often shifts scales in order to untangle conventional viewing behaviours as another way of unsettling received perceptions. The installation gives us the feeling of being a puer aeturnus and thus refers to the Peter Pan syndrome, a concept stemming from popular psychology, which alludes to an adult who is socially immature.

About the artist

Pipilotti Rist

1962 Switzerland

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