Work No. 262 / Half the Air a in Given Space

8 Broeltoren Noord, Broelkaai indoor

tue-sun 13h-17h (mon closed)

Material: Green 16” balloons (lime green)

Part of a series of balloon works, Work No. 262: Half the air in a given space creates a monochromatic sea of bright green balloons that viewers must navigate through. This physical experience often creates a childish joy within the viewer, along with an underlying sense of claustrophobia.

Creed’s balloon works span different sizes and colours, but always isolate half of the air within a space and give physical presence to something that is normally invisible.

Creed is well-known for constantly and systematically challenging definitions of art through sometimes mundane, and yet deeply thoughtful gestures.  

About the artist

Martin Creed

1968 United Kingdom

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