Navid Nuur

1976 Iran
  • Navid Nuur


Ten years ago Navid Nuur (*1976, lives in Den Haag) put an end to his career in graphic design and focused his attention on the autonomous visual arts. His oeuvre consists of paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, drawings,… When it comes to art disciplines Nuur refuses to categorize. According to Nuur the medium or discipline is chosen by the work or concept. When creating a work he consequently always starts from a conceptual approach. He calls his works -without regard for their materials- ‘interimodules’. They are interchangeable modules, which he can combine in different ways and which enter into a temporal relation with the exhibition space. Because of this temporal relation they are always variable. By using this term to define his work, he questions the idea of the artwork as a static object.

photo: Astrid Callens


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