Jennifer Rubell

1970 United States
  • Jennifer Rubell


Jennifer Rubell (°1970, New York City, USA) is an American conceptual artist known for her participatory sculpture, video, and food performances. Rubell has held performances and exhibitions at Fondation Beyeler (CH), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Performa New York, Dallas Contemporary, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery Toronto (CAN) and the Brooklyn Museum. Rubell lives and works in New York City.

Rubell is perhaps best known for her food performances. These performances range from works such as Faith (2013): a large seesaw covered in egg tarts that teetered back and forth as visitors consumed the pastry. Or Incubation (2011) in which nursemaids cultured yogurt in a glass booth. Another emblematic installation was her highly sexualized life-size female mannequins that could be used by the public as nutcrackers, opening and closing their legs to break pecans.


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