Heidi Voet

  • Heidi Voet


The multidisciplinary oeuvre of Heidi Voet (°1978, Brussels, Belgium. Works and lives in Brussels and Taipei) is marked by her transcultural experiences and offers us a critical view on the cultural conventions, ideas and production methods of our modern consumer society. She humorously plays with everyday objects and symbols and the connotations they imply. Drawing from her sharp vision, she combines elements from popular culture and our everyday existence with elements from the art world, history and different cultures. This way, she explores how contrasting time registers come together and shape the present day and our ubiquitous experience of time. With her playful approach, she draws attention to important issues concerning social inequality, (cultural) identity and globalization.


40 artists from 18 different countries present 60 artworks at 16 indoor and outdoor locations in Kortrijk. 

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